On November 9, the Community Foundation of Otsego County, in collaboration with SUNY-Oneonta, brought 50 nonprofits together in one room for a Nonprofit breakfast. The goal of the breakfast was to engage a diverse group in conversation about the future of Otsego County.

After an introduction from SUNY President Alberto Cardelle that highlighted the significance of our countywide nonprofits, and an update from Danielle McMullen, Chief of Staff to the President, on Micro-credential programs at the college and how they can benefit nonprofits, CFOC Executive Director Jeff Katz explained to the enthusiastic audience what the goals were for the morning session.

Each table of nonprofit representatives and Community Foundation Board members engaged in spirited talk that covered the needs of their individual organizations, the needs of Otsego County and what the goals should be to make it a better, more prosperous county for all residents. Each table presented to the full group a unique idea to pursue. The ideas ranged from a countywide wayfinding signage to highlight our natural resources for residents and visitors, promoting youth farming through Agrarian Commons, creating a hub to connect our nonprofits, and other ideas that would create a better future for Otsego County.

“It couldn’t have been better organized, more welcoming, attended, and productive. A true collaborative spirit prevailed among all,” said one attendee. “I came back feeling inspired by the many voices in the room and ready to help,” said another.

The Community Foundation of Otsego County plans to hold more of these events in 2023 to work towards building a stronger county through collaboration, communication and caring.

For more information on the Community Foundation of Otsego County, visit cfotsego.org.


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