Mission and goals of our awards 

The Community Foundation of Otsego County partners with other nonprofit agencies to deliver services to the Otsego County region. Our mission is to improve the quality of life and the prosperity for all people in our area. We value respect, collaboration, inclusion, imagination, accountability, integrity and stewardship. View our Vision, Mission, and Values Statement.

Our discretionary awards are to programs that meet our mission and acknowledge our values. As a young organization, we do not yet have the resources to address all worthy causes and must set priorities. These priorities are established by our Board of Directors, with input from many members of our community.

In addition to our program awards, we also assist donors in issuing grants under Donor Advised Funds and Field of Interest Funds. Unless noted under Current Programs, there is no application process for these grants.

The specific goals for our awards depend upon the priorities of the program under which awards are issued. For example, our COVID-19 Fund has three priorities addressing the health and financial impacts of the pandemic virus: 1) support first line defenders who risk their own health to deliver essential services to our community; 2) support those members of our community who have suffered from the virus either through health or finances; and 3) provide resources to small businesses as they recover from the effects of the virus.

Since our founding in 2019, we have had one program: the COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Fund. This program raised over $220,000 from more than 300 donors. Since its inception, we distributed 25 awards totaling $175,000. The remaining funds are available and the program is open to new applications. Go to COVID-19 for further information.

We will establish a 2021 Award Cycle in the winter of 2020-2021 with an allocation of $200,000. Priorities for this program have not yet been set and the application process is not yet open.

The process for awards that require applications 

Our applicants must be qualified nonprofit organizations (501c3). Other special entities may qualify for awards (call us). If you are interested in applying for an award, we ask you read the materials posted on our website and if there are any questions, contact us at Contact@cfotsego.org. We do not issue awards to individuals or private enterprises.

All award applicants must complete the on-line application (including submitting all attachments). Once your application is complete, our review begins. Our Initiatives Committee reviews the application and recommends action to our Board (or to its designated Executive Committee) which makes a final determination. We send you an award letter that contains the conditions under which you agree to accept our award. Upon your acceptance, we issue a check.

We request you provide us with a final report once the purpose for which the award was issued has been met. We may also request interim progress reports for certain awards that may take a long time to complete.

We strive to make it easy to apply for an award. If you have suggestions for how we can further improve our process, please let us know.

Active Programs

COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Fund

2021 Award Cycle