Forty-two percent of Otsego County residents have received at least one dose of a COVID vaccine. That is good news, but we have a ways to go. We have updated the Guide to Getting a Vaccine in Otsego County, to let you know how to get an appointment at SUNY Oneonta, a local pharmacy, or clinic. The guide also includes information for people who are homebound, need transportation to an appointment, or who would like assistance getting an appointment.  4-17 Guide to Getting a Vaccine Appointment in Otsego County The COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Fund welcomes proposals by Otsego County nonprofits. We have updated the guidelines, and now invite proposals that help reach people with barriers to getting the vaccine.
Vaccination rate chart

As of April 17, 42 percent of Otsego County residents have received at least one vaccine dose. One dose vaccination rates range from a high of 61.4 percent in Hamilton County to a low of 29.2 percent in Allegheny County. Statewide, the rate is 40.9 percent. Source:


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