Cooperstown Food Pantry

Established in 1977

Mission: To address issues of food insecurity and poverty across northern Otsego County. 

  • The Cooperstown Food Pantry welcomes individuals and families from the 18-township area that makes up the northern half of the county, providing a five-day distribution of food, three meals per day, for each individual in a given household. In addition to providing nutritious shelf-stable food items, the Pantry also provide fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh meat and dairy items, and personal care items that are otherwise costly, but contribute significantly to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Day to day operations are largely carried out by a group of dedicated, kind and compassionate volunteers who work directly with clients.
  • Member agency of the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York. The Cooperstown Food Pantry receives a majority of the food and personal care items that they distribute to their clients from the Regional Food Bank. This partnership allows the Pantry to leverage financial donations: $1 can purchase approximately $10 worth of food from the Regional Food Bank!

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