Budget instructions:

Your budget should present all items of income and expense for the proposed activity.

Income: donations, service fees, tuition, sales of items, grants, and even contributions from the applicant’s other resources (not only the requested award from the Community Foundation of Otsego County). Identify known sources and sources yet to be secured.

Expenses: all costs related to the activity. If you are allocating a general administrative cost to the budget, this amount should not exceed 10% of the total project budget.

Income needs to equal expenses. Sources = Uses.

Footnotes explaining your assumptions would be helpful. If you are estimating in kind contributions, remember to also include the related expenses (volunteer carpenter labor can be considered income, but then the same labor cost is an expense).

See this sample budget for a one-night performance of a concert with three paid guest singers followed by a reception:


Admission fees                      $1,000
Individual Donations           $1,000
Program Advertising           $2,000    Note: $1,000 secured to date.

      Foundation X                   $2,000    Note; secured

      Foundation Y                   $2,000   Note: application submitted
CFOC                                        $3,000
Total Income                          $11,000

Facility Rent                           $500
Insurance                                $500
Food                                        $3,000   Note: per contract with vendor
Advertising                            $1,000
Printing/Mailing                  $1,000
Licensing Fee                       $1,000    Note: per agreement
Lodging and Travel            $2,000   Note: 3 guest performers
General Admin                    $1,000    Note: under 10%
Contingency                        $1,000
Total Expenses                    $11,000


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